What Does RTP Mean In Slots Games?


Slots games are not only fun and thrilling to play, but they are also one of the easiest casino games to enjoy because it does not require strategies whatsoever like Black Jack or baccarat.

When reading a slot game description before doing a demo play or real-wager play, you may be wondering about the percentage designated as the RTP. This is an acronym that means Return to Player.

Try out the slot, roulette, and Blackjack games on Casino777 to learn more about RTP rates. Each game description contains its corresponding RTP rate so that you know how much you are receiving back from your original wager if you win a wager. Today, we will discuss how RTP affects slot games.

Is There a Minimum RTP Rate for a Slots Game?

No, there is no minimum RTP rate required for a slot game. The overall percentage is designated via the slot game developer based on their discretion and how they decide to pay out winning players.

What Is the Average RTP Rate for a Slots Game?

Any slot game that is a 96% RTP rate or higher means it will pay you the highest percentage back on your original wager if you win a reel spin. Slot games with a larger RTP rate may win more often than those with a lower RTP.

Even if you see a slot game with a lower RTP, this means that you may get an even higher payout with possible multipliers because of the increased volatility of the gaming experience. Hence, you will be choosing between a slot game that offers more low-scale wins because of its higher RTP rate or the potential for higher-scale wins due to a lower RTP rate.

There’s a possibility that the game with a lower RTP can give a possible larger win that could outweigh the multiple small wins that a higher RTP slot game gives you. Again, slot games are all about chance, so you never know where the reel spins may land.

So Should I Play a Slots Game With a Higher or Lower RTP?

Whether you want to play a slot game with a higher or lower RTP is up to your desired risk assessment. If you are a beginner playing slots in an online casino, try a slot game with a higher RTP rate of 96% or higher. The higher chances of even low-scale wins can make you more comfortable with your wagering decisions.

Once you are comfortable with how a slot game with a higher RTP plays, you can try one with a lower RTP rate of 92% to 95%. While you may not have as many wins as the game with higher RTP, it’s still worth the gamble because of the possibility of a high-scale win that you may not see in a 96% to 98% RTP slot game.

Again, all slot games are randomized, so your gameplay experience may be different than our analysis described above.

Final Thoughts

A higher RTP rate means that you will receive a larger percentage of your original wager back into your casino account if you win a reel spin. Of course, you can receive more than the originally calculated RTP rate if your reel spin qualifiers for multipliers according to the specific slot game rules concerning symbol matching.

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